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 Medisoft Version 12 Service Pack 2   

Service Pack 2 Fixed List


The following items were corrected in Medisoft Version 12 Service Pack 2:

System Requirements

Medisoft Version 12 Service Pack 2 is now supported on the Microsoft Vista Business operating system. 


  • The Billing/Payment Status report now offers an option to either include or exclude closed cases. The current report only excludes.

  • The Practice Analysis report now displays the range included on the report at the top of the page, rather than the date the report was run.

  • The Patient Collection Report totals value is now calculated correctly.

  • The Production by Provider report did not show any amounts in the Actual Adjustment column. This has been corrected.

  • Medisoft V12 would lock up after clicking [OK] in the printer setup for Patient Day Sheet.

  • The Primary insurance aging report will now show 20 characters for the policy number.

  • When printing Superbills, the Provider now functions properly.


  • Reset Accounting within MediUtils still causes the error “error: tblMemTransLoad: Type mismatch for field "Amount", expecting: BCD actual” in the communications manager tables. This has been corrected in SP2.

  • Backing up while using Global Login no longer causes messages stating that the user is logged in on another computer.

  • Random Access violations that were occurring in transaction entry have been corrected.

  • The random Access Violations in Office Hours when appointments are moved have been corrected.

  • Clicking the Find Next button in the Work Administrator no longer results in the error - qryMisc: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.

  • MediUtils now forces Medisoft to be closed before it will run.

 Claims Manager

  • The Claims Manager Report now has time stamps.

  • The Last Modified date is no longer incorrect after completing service enrollment.

 Program Workflow

  • Added grid fields no longer disappear when clicking in the grid.

  • Added grid fields no longer disappear in transaction entry when changing chart numbers.

  • The guarantor quick ledger no longer displays transactions for the wrong patient when accessed from Transaction Entry.


Box 17a on the Clickable CMS – 1500 has been updated.

The 'Medical' practice type is now included in the Help files.


  • Running a backup in MediUtils now creates the .mbk backup file

  • Box 24J in CMSFILE and CMS11 now prints 12 character PIN numbers.

  • Box 33 in CMSFILE now prints Practice Information if the claim provider Entity Type field is set to Non-Person. It prints provider information if the claim provider Entity Type field is set to Person.


Medisoft Version 12 Service Pack 1 Fixed List

The following items were corrected in Medisoft Version 12 Service Pack 1: 

Billing and Collections

  • In the Collections List, if you save a tickler without selecting a chart number, the message has been changed to read “Field ‘Chart Number’ must have a value”.

  • If a claim is split in claim management, both claims will have a populated user code field.

  • Previously, the user code field of the new claim was blank.

  • If deleting a Collections List item, the default selected button will now be “No” instead of “Yes”.

  • The apply payment window in Transaction Entry will now allow you to proceed using the enter key.

  • Payments entered into Transaction Entry were not always being reflected in the Remainder Balance field within the Patient record. This caused the Remainder Balance in Office Hours Pro to show a different amount than the actual remainder balance. This has been corrected.

  • Patient Statement slowness when printing has been corrected.

  • CMS – 1500 with payment formats will be included in Add/Copy user reports screen.

  • CMS – 1500 with form formats will be included.

  • Transaction notes now include a scroll bar so notes longer than six lines are visible.

  • Deleting payments in Medisoft Original no longer results in a message referring to the deposit list.

  • When applying a patient payment in the deposit list, you will now be able to advance to the next transaction using either the Enter or Tab keys.

  • “Not a valid integer” errors when searching for a Superbill have been corrected.

  • If a payment has the complete box unchecked, a message will appear warning the user that statements in statement management may be affected by this change, and to go remove the transactions in question from their respective statements.

  • Users can now delete rejection codes from the apply payment window.

  • The error “you must close the popup window (Apply payments to charges) first” no longer occurs in transaction entry.

  • When deleting an applied co-payment, the error “Copayment_Amount Expected' not found“ no longer occurs.

 Electronic Claims and Remittance

  • Medisoft Claim Manager Direct is included in Medisoft V12 SP1 (Additional fees are required for this service). Additionally, multiple fixes were made to existing Claim Manager components.

  • A new menu item has been added to the tools menu if the Direct ERA module has been purchased and installed. This will allow Direct ERA to be utilized with ANY ANSI compliant remittance file.


  • If online updates are run when no updates are available, a message stating such will appear, rather than a cryptic error message.

  • The Products Link under the Help menu is now correct.

 Final Draft

  • Final Draft “Save As” now accepts more than eight characters.

  • The Final Draft menu has been removed from Medisoft Original.

 Office Hours and Office Hours Professional

  • Appointment Lists in Office Hours were sometimes showing the incorrect Provider. This has been corrected.

  • When printing a customized Appointment List from the Report Designer, the following error would occur “Error: MissingTablenameProperty.” This has been corrected.

  • Negative Remainder Balances now show in Office Hours Pro Remainder fields.

  • Office Hours now warns of invalid NPI numbers.

  • Changing appointment status no longer removes the values from the case fields.


  • Reports

  • The option to include AR totals on reports will work properly (corrected in Bundle File).

  • Reports no longer pull the practice name from the MWDBLIST.

  • Patient List by Diagnosis codes now calculates the patient Age properly (corrected in Bundle File).

  • Patient Day Sheet slowness has been corrected (corrected in Bundle File).

  • Practice Analysis report now shows dollar amounts up to $99,999,999.

  • Monthly and Daily Activity reports now print the correct AR amount (corrected in Bundle File).

  • The Patient Day Sheet now pulls the provider from the Transaction line item, rather than the patient record (corrected in Bundle File).

  • Aging reports were including some non-eligible transactions. This has been corrected,(corrected in Bundle File).

  • The productivity by user report no longer freezes up (corrected in Bundle File).

  • Patient Aging Reports were not including transactions that were on the first date of each bucket. This has been corrected.

  • The Practice Analysis report no longer calculates deductibles as payments.

  • Activity Reports now show totals up to $99,999,999.

  • Patient Aging Reports were reflecting some charges twice (most often in cash cases). This has been corrected.

Communication Manager

  • Unprocessed Transactions screen now shows the correct title.

  • Editing a case will now cause an update to be sent through the Communications

  • Manager.


  • Error Field GL_Practice_ID not found when converting root data directories, no longer occurs.

  • Users no longer have the option to install Crystal support files when installing Medisoft.

  • They will always be installed.

 List Entry

  • In previous versions, if you changed the patient flag, and went to another tab without saving, the flag reverted to the first flag on the list. Medisoft now remembers the flag setting when tabs are navigated.

  • The error “Fixed row count must be less than row count” in the provider list has been corrected.

  • Clearing the Middle Name for the patient now clears the middle initial.


  • MediUtils now creates MWPRA tables with the correct structure.

  • Copy data utility within MediUtils will now copy the MWPAT table.

  • MediUtils Repair Practice will now repair issues with the MWTSK table.

  • MediUtils Repair Practice will now create a valid MWPAT table if necessary. Previously it would leave out the Middle Name field causing errors when accessing the patient list within Medisoft.

  • MediUtils Repair Practice will now repair issues with the MWTRG table.

  • Error in Transaction Entry “tblclaim: Type mismatch for field ‘Amount’, expecting: BCD actual: Currency" after resetting accounting in MediUtils no longer occurs.


  • CMSFILE and CMS11 now completes city names with spaces properly.

  • CMS11 no longer adds lab charges to the totals in box 28.

  • CMSFILE and CMS11 were only printing ten characters of the pin numbers. All twelve characters will now print.

  • CMSFILE and CMS11 would not pull group IDs unless Group NPIs were entered. These will now pull the group from the pin matrix if the group is entered there. If you don’t want a group, don’t enter one.

 Other Items

  • Data connection failures were resulting in deletion of data. These failures now produce an error message without deleting the data.

  • The Quick Ledger will now remember sorting changes the next time opened.

  • Data was being deleted if the Task Scheduler was running when data was restored.

  • Medisoft will no longer allow you to restore data if the Task Scheduler is running. You will receive a message telling you to exit the Task Scheduler.

  • Design custom data is now available in the demo.

  • Unprocessed transactions have been removed from the demo.

  • The Crystal Reports Designer no longer installs with Advanced Reports.

  • Inactive patients no longer appear in Treatment Plan chart lists.

  • Patient Recall list now hides inactive patients.

  • When editing the grid within the Work Administrator, the Help button will now function as designed.

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