Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT Services

IT support for small and mid-sized practices. Server management,
computer networking, remote access, firewalls, Microsoft Exchange,
hardware upgrades, data backup, and data protection.

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McKesson Practice Choice - Web-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution

Web-based EHR/PM Solution

McKesson Practice Choice is a cost-effective, web EHR and PM solution
inspired by independent medical offices just like yours.

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Medisoft MobileOrder

It's time to go Mobile!

Purchase Medisoft Network Professional v20 and
get Medisoft Mobile for free

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IBackup - Offsite Backup, Automatically, Fast and Worry Free

Cloud Backup

IBackup is a HIPAA compliant cloud backup system.
Automatic, Fast and Worry Free

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RelayHealth Electronic PrescribingFree Demo

RelayHealth electronic prescription helps streamline prescription writing and refill authorizations for your medical practice. Using RelayHealth, your office can instantly transmit new prescriptions and renewals to virtually any pharmacy in the U.S. Automatically screen for drug interactions, reduce pharmacy call-backs by checking formulary compliance prior to submission, and dramatically reduce time spent feeding fax machines.

RelayHealth eScript enables you to:

  • Process renewal requests in one queue
  • Approve renewal requests with one click
  • Transmit renewal requests and authorizations electronically to virtually any pharmacy
  • Reduce time phoning and faxing the pharmacy
  • Improve patient safety through automatic interaction checking
  • Increase patient satisfaction and outcomes by involving the patient in the process
  • Minimize prescription errors

How do electronic renewals work?

Streamline renewal fax workflow and manage renewals electronically. Prescription requests and authorizations transmitted securely between your practice and the largest network of retail pharmacies in the nation saves time.

  • Your patient calls or visits their pharmacy to request a prescription renewal.
  • The pharmacist electronically sends a renewal authorization request through the SureScripts secure network directly to your computer.
  • You or your staff reviews the request in the Renewals Manager area of your RelayHealth service and approves or denies it with a few keystrokes.
  • Authorization arrives at the pharmacist's computer within seconds.

Manage prescriptions quickly, easily and safely


The tasks associated with writing and renewing prescriptions cause physicians to sacrifice time, money, and safety. Here are the facts:


  1. The average physician writes 30 prescriptions a day and handles another 30 refill requests
  2. Indecipherable or unclear prescriptions result in more than 150 million calls from pharmacists to physicians, asking for clarification
  3. Communications between pharmacies and physician offices account for an estimated 20% of the workload of physician-office staff


  1. The typical pharmacy call-back costs physician practices $5-$7 to pull and review the chart and return the call


  1. Due largely to legibility problems, prescription orders must be confirmed at the pharmacy level in almost 40 percent of cases
  2. Medication errors cause 1.5 million preventable injuries and death each year

These are just a few of the many reasons to implement online prescribing using the RelayHealth secure eScript® service.

The evidence is clear - Studies show that among physicians who e-prescribe:

  • More than 80% say that it improves delivery of care
  • Two-thirds say it helps improve their personal efficiency
  • 45% immediately increase compliance with formulary guidelines
  • In the Hospital setting, e-prescribing can reduce errors by 50% or more

eScript - True electronic prescribing

eScript is one of the healthcare industry's leading e-prescribing solutions. It enables your practice to manage prescriptions electronically using computer-to-computer transmission between your office and the pharmacy thus substantially reducing phone calls and faxes to your office. That's true electronic prescribing. eScript manages both new prescriptions and renewals.



Writing prescriptions is easy, safe, and secure. RelayHealth automatically screens each prescription for possible interactions with recorded patient allergies or previously prescribed medications.

With eScript, providers can receive their renewals online from patients and local and retail pharmacies. They can approve (or deny) prescription renewals with a single click. Prescriptions route immediately to the pharmacy of choice-eScript can transmit to virtually any pharmacy in the U.S. with no need for the doctor's office to ever lift the phone, or a pen.

Alternately, healthcare providers can send the prescription securely and electronically to the patient, who then forwards the prescription to the pharmacy. In either case, the practice can realize significant time savings. And for busy practices with staff struggling to manage the many administrative burdens of healthcare today, saving time means saving money.

RelayHealth prescriptions are transmitted through the SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network™-90% of U.S. retail and independent community pharmacies participate in the electronic network.

A smarter way to prescribe

User-friendly "Favorites" lists and intuitive searches make it easy to prescribe new medications using eScript. And eScript "learns" as you go-saving typing time on subsequent prescriptions. The more you use it, the smarter eScript gets about your prescribing preferences and practices. When you prescribe using eScript the information is automatically stored in the Personal Health Record. With features like these, eScript helps reduce medication errors and increase patient and formulary compliance.

We implemented RelayHealth secure communication services in October 2005 and, since that time, both providers and patients have found ample reason to utilize the eScript electronic prescription and renewal service. In the span of one month, we saw a 459% increase in eScripts, and now process more than 2,000 online prescriptions in a typical month.

Drs. Craig and David Everingham
Everingham Clinic

Workflow features further enhance practice productivity

Integrated role-based permissions enable pre-scribers to authorize medical staff to send prescriptions on their behalf. And with RelayHealth rule-based message routing, incoming renewal requests from patients can be automatically directed to the responsible staff member (with physician oversight and permission, of course)-no online physician involvement required. What's more, All requests appear in one area of eScript and can be reviewed in one queue for easy viewing and sorting.

RelayHealth operates as a neutral partner in an open network to support quality care improvements and reduce administrative costs for hospitals, pharmacies, providers, payors and patients. By offering connectivity and integrated solutions to participants across the spectrum of healthcare delivery, RelayHealth provides Care Fully Connected™.

Interface with Medisoft

McKesson's eScript solutions can be a stand alone solution or can integrate with Medisoft PM. Practices are able to upload their patients real time or simply add new patients from anywhere avoiding double data entry.

We've seen a huge reduction in the number of phone calls coming into our office thanks to eScript.

by Toni Nagy, Office Manage
Everingham Clinic
Romulus, MI
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